Devin Zander eCom Premier Academy

Devin Zander eCom Premier Academy

Discover How to Boost Online Sales Effortlessly!

Let’s face it: busy entrepreneurs with home-based businesses don’t have the resources to advertise, sell products, and ship purchases without hiring a team of employees.But Devin Zander eCom Premier Academy comes to the rescue with comprehensive courses that help simplify your life and boost online profits.If you’re all thumbs when it comes to Internet Marketing, you’ll want to enroll in Devin Zander eCom Premier Academy, the eCommerce master plan to turn your Shopify store into a virtual moneymaking machine! Devin’s user-friendly eCommerce courses give you failsafe tools and strategies to make your life easier, launch your online brand effortlessly, and build a high quality landing page that will generate profits you never dreamed possible! All you do is purchase and download the course, sit back, and let Devin give you one-on-one tips to make your online business successful. It’s that simple!

Who is Devin Zander?

Internet marketing guru Devin Zander is founder of Money Mindset and eCommerce Experts Academy. An accomplished public/motivational speaker who specializes in Sales Consulting, SEO, and Video Marketing, Devin and his team of affiliate marketing pros work tirelessly to help you launch your online business, drive customers to your website and get your products sold.
Get a Business Partner in a Box
His newest virtual classroom, Devin Zander eCom Premier, is a user-friendly upgrade for busy entrepreneurs who want to generate passive income through Shopify and Facebook. His low-cost software combined with interactive training tools and individual coaching will help you redefine the way you do business. If you’re looking to build your online business and realize greater profits, you won’t find a better corporate mentor than Devin Zander and eCom Premier Academy. Your eCom Premier Academy software is like having a business partner in a box!

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Here’s What You Get:
In the virtual Academy, Devin gives you one-on-one tips on how you can market products online, manage customers, track sales and generate passive income. The complete training package includes easy-to-understand information on:

How to set up your Shopify online store including selecting a theme:
The Academy tutorial will help you choose the right theme and build a landing page that targets and drives a specific audience to your front door. Don’t worry about knowing html or SEO keywords. Devin’s ready-to-use templates take the guesswork out of building a professional looking website you can have up and running in no time.

How to navigate the Shopify dashboard:
Let eCom Premier Academy video courses show you how to effectively operate the Shopify dashboard to list products, manage payments, and monitor and track shipping—all from the comfort of your home or office.

How to benefit from eCommerce marketing:
Inside the eCom Premier Academy package Devin shares tried and true methods of making passive income while tapping into the world’s fastest growing global market: the Internet. Learn secrets that will guarantee your success as an Internet marketer if you will use eCom Premier Academy and apply these life changing principles.

Establish a Shopify secure payment portal with shopping cart and checkout
eCom Premier Academy shows you how to ditch the old fashioned 30-, 60- or 90-day way of collecting payments and make it easy for online customers to buy and pay for products instantly online. You can combine Internet marketing and payment processes with your brick and mortar store to maximize productivity and manage accounts seamlessly.

Maintain and monitor customer accounts:
Easily track customer purchases and determine which products sell the most, how often customers return to the site and when new customers are added. Take a vacation, plan a family day–eCom Premier Academy and Shopify software does all the work for you.

Product tracking and shipping:
eCom Premier Academy software shows you how to log onto the Shopify dashboard and track when product orders are fulfilled.

Understanding Facebook bridge marketing:
Devin shows you how to create a Facebook bridge, a page that links potential customers on Facebook to your product landing page. Link onto other social media sites like Twitter or Pininterest to maximize your reach and gain the lion’s share of your target market.

How to pre-sell to potential prospects:
Target your audience and invite them to log onto landing pages to view products and services and make purchases.

Get micro-commitments with three-question online quizzes:
eCom Premier Academy courses show you how to ask three questions to not only generate micro-commitments but compel potential customers to complete orders.

How to define and reach your target market:
Stop wasting time with shot-in-the-dark marketing strategies! Narrow down potential customers to a specific demographic and track responses via Facebook Mastermind networking tools to help you build profits effortlessly.

Shopify: The Portal to Successful Online Sales
In this digital age, you won’t succeed without an online presence. Devin Zander eCom Premier Academy utilizes the Shopify platform to launch your online enterprise into cyberspace and top the competition. ECom Premier Academy courses teach you how to master Shopify with free web hosting and blogs, no transaction fees, unlimited file storage and an unlimited product line. Academy courses also teach you how to sell to an unlimited global audience on a secure site that is certified level 1 PCI DSS compliant.

Devin and his team of marketing gurus are waiting to share their 7-figure Shopify Masterplan and Facebook Masterplan with you. Slated to be released on Tuesday, November 10th at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time, Devin Zander eCom Premier Academy will be offered on a first come, first served basis for the remarkable one-time price of just $297. That’s a $700 savings over the previously successful eCom Experts Academy.

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