eCom Premier Academy Review & Bonus

eCom Premier Academy Review & Bonus

ECom Premier Academy is an updated version of the previously successful eCom Experts Academy, re-launching on 10th November 2015. If you’re wondering “Is there anything different from the previous version of eCom Experts Academy?” Then you’re in luck because…
You will get nothing but the truth about this updated version in this comprehensive review.

Product Overview:
eCom Premier Academy is a premium, powerful and useful product for online marketers. When you become an eCom Premier Academy member, you get access to training and tools you need to build a successful eCommerce business that utilizes Shopify platform. The training is broken down into nine easy to understand modules that offer step by step strategies on how to create a 7 figure Shopify-based eCommerce business. Here are breakdowns of modules you get when you become a private member:

  • Module 1-Understanding Shopify
  • Module 2-Shopify Setup and Essentials
  • Module 3-Sourcing and Fulfilling Products
  • Module 4-Product Offers
  • Module 5-How to Establish and Grow a Brand
  • Module 6-How to Optimize Page for Conversion
  • Module 7-The Process for Sales Conversion
  • Module 8-High Revenue On Investment Facebook Ads Strategy
  • Module 9-Optimizing Clicks
  • Module 10-Viral High ROI Case Studies

eCom Premier Academy Price:
With just only $297, you will get all tools and training offered by eCom Premier Academy. This amazing product has been released only for two months, so you will need to hurry up and start your journey towards establishing a 7 figure eCommerce business. If you missed the previous version of eCom, it is the time you need take advantage of launch price. Who knows Devin might decide to terminate the sales after few months from now.

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Build a 7 Figure Shopify eCommerce Business in Two Weeks:

  • A start from scratch system that help newbies to build a 7 figure eCommerce business based on Shopify platform
  • You don’t need to have prior experience, knowledge or connections on establishing eCommerce business
  • You don’t need to worry about creating a website, sourcing, billing, shipping, driving traffic to your website. eCom Premier Academy offer training and tools that cater all that.
  • You can start selling physical products on your website for a big payday. No need of crap about selling eBooks on Amazon or click bank.
  • You can launch your money minting business that you can be proud of today

Armed with training and tools from eCom Premier Academy, you can get started today using these three simple steps

  • Step 1: Set your Shopify store
  • Step 2: Source products that you think have a high demand
  • Step 3: start driving instant traffic to your site

eCom Premier Academy Great Features Include:

  • Includes a hot list of products that you can start selling on your sites and get massive profits. Very few marketers know about these products
  • Great niches that offer viral sales
  • Secrets of using Facebook to drive traffic to your site for free
  • The step-by-step process of setting up your set and steps that do cross-selling, upselling and retargeting for you. You will continue minting dollars even when you are asleep
  • Selling strategies that you can employ to make 7 figure sales per month
  • Little known secrets methods of selling physical products. These methods can help you generate millions of dollars from selling physical products on your site.
  • The secrets strategies that guarantee sky high sales conversion rates
  • Low shopping cart abandons. This maximizes income
  • Secrets on how to upsell your customers
  • Secrets on how to build a great brand that tastemakers can talk about, gets organic traffic and that you can be proud of
  • Proven strategies on how to create cheap Facebook ads
  • Strategies on how to create Facebook ad campaigns that have highest RIO

What’s News in eCom Premier Academy?

  • Lifetime Access to Facebook Mastermind: Connects you with like-minded professionals through Facebook.
  • Fulfillment: Billing, shipping, packages and customer updating is done for you
  • eCommerce Bootcamp: You will get training directing when you become a member of Facebook mastermind groups. Their instructors will ensure that you succeed in whatever you are selling
  • Great Apps: Two apps that completely makes the tasks of running ads easier. These apps also allow you to build high-quality landing pages that bring conversion
  • Shopify Themes: Two Shopify themes that not only make you as much money as possible but also have a professional and extremely high-quality store
  • Case Studies: You get access to more case studies that are meant to motivate you to succeed. You will learn the strategies and methods that other markers used to grow a 7 figure eCommerce business

Who Is It For?

  • eCom Premier Academy is for marketers who want more than push button earnings
  • The product is for those who want to follow some steps for creating a profitable online store
  • People who are willing to spend their time and energy to change their life forever
  • eCom Premier Academy isn’t a product for getting rich schemes but a product for real business

Background: Devin Zander –The brain behind eCom Premier Academy
eCom Premier Academy was created by Devin Zander, one of the leading internet markers and SEO enthusiast in the United States. Devin created this product to help you stay ahead of internet marketing curve, so you don’t waste your time those naughty forums. He promises members that eCom Premier Academy can take their Internet Marketing to the next level and help them make money online. You can get more information about Devin from his Google Plus profile.

eCom Premier Academy is a great product with a reasonable price. The product is worth investing your money on. You are guaranteed 100% money back guarantee if you fail to get results. All you need to do is follow the training and use tools inside eCom Premier Academy. The product is a risk-free investment that helps you build a 7 figure eCommerce website.

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